Private Yoga

One on one yoga classes with me.  For those who are new to yoga or those who would like some personal attention to understand the foundations of yoga.  We can develop a sustainable home practice or confidence to join a class.

75 minutes


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Structural Integration, ScarWork & Structural Bodywork


Young tissues change easily and young bodies often just need a nudge or two in the right direction.  A little structural bodywork can go a long way toward easing the path of development, helping your child to feel more agile, strong, and confident as they mature & grow.

0 - 8 years 

45 minute session


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9 - 14 years

1 hour session


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90 minute session


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Upfront full payment - please contact me if you wish to pay in full to get a discount

Post 12 Series Maintenance

After you have completed the full SI series, either with myself or another practitioner, you may want to come back for a maintenance session.

Returning clients may also choose to schedule a short session.  (Some clients will alternate short and full-length sessions so that it is easier on their budget.  Their issue could be in a targeted area or their bodies are sensitive, and so a short session is plenty.) 

Choose from the following

60 minute session


 90 minute session


depending on the issue and your budget or time constraints.

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