My Pain Story - Change Your Body About Your Mind

Well wait a minute, what does that actually mean?

Look I get it. You have pain. You’ve tried to resolve it for years then you gave up, then you went to try other things, and that didn’t work either. So you accepted the ‘condition’ as something you’ll have for the rest of your life.

So you feel that this sore shoulder (or insert your own body part here) is like YOURS. It becomes your identity. What makes you different to others. You proudly proclaim it as “my sore shoulder”. 

I did that for 25 years. But more about that later…

It stops you from doing anything, it makes you think twice about how to carry something, how to move.

Like the time I was gifted a circus flying experience at the beach and never went.

It affects you emotionally and takes you back to the incident and the age you were and the where and the details of your life back then and it plays over and over in your head like a movie.

I digress.

But I’ve been there.

To strengthen my shoulder, I practised yoga for over 2 decades. I swam kilometers to strengthen it.  I tried different practitioners and different modalities.

I suffered a posterior dislocation of my left shoulder when I was 19 falling off a horse.  And for the following 25 years, it would dislocate.

Dealing with my own injuries has given me insight into common body complaints, and has developed my compassion for people who are dealing with them.

Because of these experiences, I have respect for what you know about your own body, and I place importance on listening to your unique story.  Through years of practice, I am also able to “listen” with my hands to what your body needs.

When I finished my first 12 series, my shoulder was like a brand new shoulder.

I didn’t even dream it was a possibility.  I had accepted my fate.

Structural Integration changed my body.  My mind had to catch up and get a new narrative.

I like the new narrative about my body.

"Loosen your hand, that's your heart that you're holding." 
- Chris Smithers -

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