About Me

Hi I'm Gigi.  

I'm a dedicated meditator, yogi & yoga teacher who has been practising for over two decades. I also hold a degree in Visual Art majoring in fibre/textiles, drawing & art history, and a minor in ceramics. 

I have boundless energy and a strong desire to live a full life which saw me juggling yoga, motherhood and a hugely successful 20-plus year career in the hospitality industry.  Service is in my blood.  And over decades, I have fine tuned my people skills, making the one-on-one work in clinic a warm & supportive experience for my clients. 

The decision to change gears radically with a move into movement and manual therapy was inspired by an Anatomy Trains workshop at my yoga school 7 years ago. I fell down the fascia rabbit hole, and have since focused my passion in Structural Integration.  I have trained with 2 of Ida Rolf's original students Tom Myers and Sharon Wheeler.

The intensive 500 hour certification as an Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator has given my movement practice an anatomical depth.  Training with Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, and other luminaries in the SI world including continued education in Neurovascular SI and Visceral Manipulation & ScarWork has given me many tools in my tool kit.

I have also participated in a fresh tissue dissection lab with Todd Garcia and Tom Myers at the Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment in Boulder, Colorado. The privilege to see into the human body with untreated fresh tissue was incredible. Guided by our leaders, we dove deep into the human body over 5 days and Myers filmed the Anatomy Trains in dissection during our lab! I was lucky enough to do the Deep Front Line with Myers and a group of fellow somanauts.

I have attended the Australian Fascia Symposium and the Australian Womens Health Symposium which included presenters from around the globe sharing the latest research on fascia and women's health.

I am particularly passionate about the perimenopausal, menopause and post menopausal years for women and how to support their bodies during this amazing phase of womanhood (42-65yrs of age)

As part of my work,  I have volunteered at Solaris Cancer Care offering ScarWork to their clients.

Marrying the art and science training with my vast hospitality experience has been a marriage of passions - visual balance and composition in the human body, manual therapy, communication skills, and my innate ability to listen with courage.
In clinic, I offer my clients a different approach to postural imbalances and chronic pain patterns of a structural nature through my many years as a movement person. My visual art training also lends me an incomparable body reading skill allowing me to see with my hands and listen with my eyes.
I welcome all walks of life to my clinic to experience this wonderful system of bodywork.  I welcome you to CHANGE YOUR BODY ABOUT YOUR MIND.  And I welcome you back to your centre.

Private yoga lessons are available by appointment.

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