ATSI 12 Series

Session 1 – 4
Starting with the 4 superficial planes of the body – Superficial Front Line, Superficial Back Line, Lateral Line and Spiral Line, these are the first 4 sessions of the 12 series. You may choose to pause here and feel the freedom of movement and length and ease. 

Session 5 – 8
But to truly find long lasting change, we need to delve deeper and that is when your ATSI practitioner dives down into the interior landscapes of your body in next 4 sessions – the Deep Front Line Lower Leg, the Central Deep Front Line, The Deep Back Line and then placing your head back on top in a session devoted to the Head Neck and Jaw. 

Session 9 – 12
The last 4 sessions are all about integration. Integrating the outer sleeve to the inner core. From your waist down – Feet, Legs and Pelvis, from the waist up in the Abdomen, Chest and Breath, integrating the Shoulders and Arms, and then Balancing all the Lines and the Tissues of the Major Joints. 

This makes SI extremely effective at treating a number of health issues - and very unique, in that no other therapies utilise such a thorough view of the body.

Clients often return for a ‘tune up’/maintenance session, to ease the effects of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Others simply go on to some other maintenance routine such as yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, movement or a workout routine – whatever is appropriate to them.

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