12 Series Testimonials

Freddy - Somatic mover, yogi & holistic massage therapist.

I used to get a lot of pain down my left leg and feet and years of headaches. The pain has just disappeared.  Its not even something I think about.

I also feel lighter with the emotional releases after each line in particular the Deep Back Line.

Mike G - pro athlete & triathlete coach

I've had a few car vs. bike accidents over the years that left me with a broken neck and femur through my posterior hip.

SI has loosened everything up.  All those restrictions from the injuries are gone - I have range of motion back in my running.

And ScarWork has loosened up the surgery scars to the next level.  I cannot recommend it enough - just give it a try.

John D - Architect

I've had a very positive experience with SI.

I had a frozen shoulder. I found it painful to run due to a broken leg from a motorbike accident so I've had many knee issues over the years.  I can now run without discomfort.

There is a massive improvement in my posture, energy levels and general well being. I'm moving the best I've ever moved in the last 10 years.

I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone.

Tarsh - biological artist 

I've had a car accident, motorcycle accident and whiplash.

I had headaches everyday and I had to stop exercising. 
I've tried every modality there is which gave me temporary relief but nothing long term.

During my PHD my body was really suffering from studying and computer work. 
The deep sessions were what my body needed.

SI has changed my life.

Angela G - Corrective services manager and hypnotherapist

I spend a lot of time sitting in my job.

I've had many aches and pains in my shoulders, hips and back and I just assumed it was old age.

It was painful to lift my hands and shoulders.  I would go to the chiro every few weeks and I haven't needed the chiro since starting the SI 12 series.

I actually forgot what I came here for.

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