Structural Bodywork for Kids

Kids are resilient and adaptable, so you might not think they “need” or could benefit from bodywork.  Many pediatricians and parents don’t realize what help is available for kids through structural bodywork. However, there is great value in taking care of structural strain early that might be hindering free movement, causing pain, interfering with coordination, and contributing to “poor posture.”

Whether your child is healing from a physical injury, seems to have a problem with posture or coordination, or has trouble regulating their nervous system, wouldn’t you like to help them feel better in their bodies, easing their passage from childhood to adulthood?

The number of sessions recommended will depend upon your child’s age, development, and any health challenges.  Usually I will recommend a series of two to four sessions.  Three to twelve months later (after the next growth spurt), you may want to bring your child in for a single maintenance session or another short series.

Also after an injury or serious fall, a session or two is a good idea to help improve recovery.  Children seem to bounce back quickly, but minor fibrosis from repair of an injured nerve, for example, can be significantly limiting down the road.

During Your Child’s Session

At the beginning of a child’s session, I prefer to do less introductory talking, and yet I value your insights as a parent and your concerns. Therefore, I will want to have a good conversation with you on the phone before you bring your child in.

Because I also value your child’s input on what is uncomfortable or challenging or interesting, I will probably gear my conversation during the session toward your child.

Throughout the session I will explain to both of you what I am doing with simple terms and analogies.  Kids usually find this interesting! We will have time toward the end for more involved explanations and questions as needed.
“Mum took me to see Gigi cause my foot was sore and no one else could fix it. It felt massagy. It felt like it had never felt before. It didn’t hurt when Gigi touched my foot and fixed it. It feels really good now. It doesn’t hurt when I run and I don’t limp anymore.”
- Archie 7 years old, soccer player & student -

“I have taken Archie to a podiatrist, physio, and an osteopath.  And then a doctor who had it x-rayed and ultra sounded.  Just wish I’d come to you first and saved my money…could have bought a lovely pair of shoes.”  
- Fiona K, Archie's Mum -

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