We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and pay respects to the oldest continuing culture in human history. 
We pay our respects to the caretakers of the lands on which we treat, teach, work and live.  Gigi Mok Structural Integration works on Whadjuk Nyoongar land which is now commonly known as Perth, Australia.  

We recognise the traditional custodians have never ceded sovereignty and their culture remains strong and holds supreme wisdom for all of humanity to enjoy.

About SI

Structural Integration is a system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity. It originated in the pioneering work of Dr Ida Rolf and has been developed by Tom Myers. This type of bodywork affects the body’s posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system (connective tissue), working with all the layers of the body to ease strain patterns in the entire system.

Read more about SI and ATSI here.

The ATSI 12 Series

Over 12 sessions, we will delve deeply into the interior landscapes of your body in a uniquely thorough view via your fascial system. Your sessions are interactive - unlike massage, you will participate in the process, and your awareness is vital. This brain-body connection reopens neuromuscular pathways, meaning your results will stay with you permanently.

Each session begins with a body reading, so I can assess your posture.  This gives us a personalised strategy for your session which is unique to you. 

Read more about SI and ATSI here.
Do you have chronic muscle tension or pain

Let me show you the difference the ATSI 12 Series can make to your life.
"The soul of humanity with all the streams of pure living water seems to dwell in the fascia of their body.  When you deal with the fascia, you deal and do business with the branch offices of the brain, and under the general corporation law, the same as the brain itself, and why not treat it with the same degree of respect?"  
- Andrew Taylor Still - founder of Osteopathy -


Gigi is the only ScarWork practitioner in Australia who has trained with Sharon Wheeler, USA and Restore Scar Therapy -Emma Holly UK.  She brings her years of experience when attending to your scars   - immature and mature. 

Scars can impact the body wide system of fascia.  Think of your fascial system as a  body wide wetsuit with tensegrity.  When you cut that wetsuit, the surface tension changes and affects the body further afield.   

For example, a caesarean scar can affect the bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, arteries and veins around the pelvic area.  

She has seen profound change in her clients movement and mobility from releasing a scar and can blend it into a structural integration series or a stand alone scar work session.  
After a traumatic year of numerous abdominal surgeries/chemotherapy & radiation therapy due to cancer, I went to see Gigi for scar tissue work and assistance in getting connected to my body in a positive manner again.  Thank you Gigi, my scars are barely noticeable, my body is in tune and I'm living a happy vibrant, connected life.  Your gentleness, absolute care and commitment to my personal well being should be applauded.  Thank you Gi.
Angie P
My clients call me the Marie Kondo of bodywork.  

A highly qualified bodyworker in the tradition of Dr Ida Rolf's Structural Integration, I trained under the head of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and Anatomy Trains author, Tom Myers.  I am also a long time yogi, I love lifting weights and am a 350hr qualified yoga teacher.

My bespoke studio is in the coastal belt of Western Australia encompassing Wembley Downs, Scarborough, Doubleview, City Beach, Floreat and Churchlands. 

I'm one of the few Structural Integrators & ScarWork therapists in Western Australia specialising in bodywork for those suffering from chronic pain, injuries and postural imbalances. 

"I love movement and I love people. So I've brought my two passions together - helping people move better at any age.

In clinic, I offer my clients a different approach to postural imbalances and chronic pain patterns of a structural nature through my many years as a movement person."

Art school training and over 3 decades of movement study through my dedicated ashtanga yoga practice have given me an incomparable view of the human body.

During our sessions, I open the drawers of your body that house your shoulders, hips, spine, neck and legs and reorganise the contents.   

And sometimes it's really hectic in there!

And unlike a massage where the elastic muscles rebound back to their tight unhappy spots, once your fascia has been reorganised, it stays there!  Fascia loves movement and your natural movement and favourite sports and hobbies with improve our work.  And guess what; your fascia tells your muscles how to be. 
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